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About Dr. John Schmidt Chiropractic

Dr. John Schmidt

Dr. John Schmidt has been serving the Roseville community for over 20 years. If you are looking for a family Chiropractor, Dr. Schmidt is the Chiropractor for you. He has a talent for treating patients of all ages, including kids. He greatly values his patients and strives to make everyone feel comfortable in his office. Dr. Schmidt has a timeless sense of humor, so you will always leave his office smiling and in better spirits. He is also extremely passionate about health and wellness. In his work he strives to identify and heal the source of patients pain, not just the symptoms of it. Dr. Schmidt believes that exercise and eating right is the best medicine to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. John Schmidt is happily married and has three daughters. In his free time he enjoys gardening and spending time with his family. Some of his recreational hobbies include hiking, camping, fishing, and snow skiing. He loves classic 70’s Lite Rock and Motown music. Some of his favorite artists include Chicago, Earth Wind & Fire, James Taylor, and Jimmy Buffet. His favorite sport is basketball and he is a loyal fan of the Sacramento Kings.

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